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Weed Semantics

“I grow some edible weeds,” I was told by my new friend, Diane.   I love the oxymoronic concept of cultivated weeds.  Weeds are, by definition, the enemies of cultivated plants.  They compete, strangle, are overly macho.

Or are they?  Some are delicious.  Toss them in a salad, or do a quick search in the blogosphere for wonderful ways to cook them.

Lamb’s quarters, chickweed, dandelion, lovage, sorrel, ramps, purslane, fiddlehead ferns,  nettles…

These weeds of New England speak to us in the Anglo-Saxon Latinate of foraging colonials with a fervor for naming New World and introducing Old World species.

Natural. Invasive. Cultivated. Edible. (Rediscovered.) Free. Gourmet. Weeds.

When you first meet someone, you only know three or so things about her, or him.  I like Diane because she plants edible weeds, because she looks natural in red lipstick at the beach, and because she is a painter.  Here is her bug mural, at the playground in Truro:

Diane's wall

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