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turkey links

A food blog with nothing to say on Thanksgiving?  Sorry to disappoint, dear readers.  Mona and Chris and the RSFP cooked an incredible feast on Thursday.  Alice Waters is visiting the Academy.  I had lunch with her on Wednesday, but on Thursday, we stopped in at the Academy just for the pre-dinner Puccinis (related to Bellinis and Mimosas, but made with freshly squeezed mandarin juice.  Wow!).  But when everyone went in to the dining room, we came back to the apartment to greet our guests, who arrived with flowers and some delicious Barbaresco. Later I braised some chicken and served it with roasted tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes—with some olives and a bit of anchovy in the sauce.  It hasn’t been a very foody weekend, though because Jack has a stomach bug.

But I’ve been enjoying these mouth-watering blogs over the past few days:

Smitten Kitchen

Tribeca Yummy Mummy

Still Life with Whisk

and especially this one by Maira Kalman.


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