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bring your growlers

It was an indulgent day with the in-laws.  First this happened:


Then this:


We decided to heed this advice by visiting the local Buzzards Bay Brewery for a tasting.  It was a low-key event.  A version of “Desolation Row” was playing as we stepped into the simple plywood-floored room.  There were four taps: my favorites were the Summer Wheat ale and a dark English style ale called CIA (Colonial Independence Ale).  The other two, a basic ale and a basic lager, I have to admit I’ve already forgotten.  And not because I drank too much of the others.  Here’s the wheat taste:

summer wheat

While we sipped, the beer guy filled the growlers of a steady stream of regular customers, and the beer guy’s friend the wine guy (he wore a shirt from the local vineyard) told us about the difference between lager and ale.  Lager is made with bottom-fermenting yeasts at cold temperatures; ale is made with top-fermenting yeasts at cool temperatures.  I’m partial to ales.  Maybe it’s the Anglophile in me.

We viewed the tanks:


Obeyed the commands of stickers:


Thought about buying a t-shirt:

t shirt

And, of course, checked out the tractor:



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